Boar Dough Tasting Room; Agoura Hills, California

When we discover a memorable restaurant with a great wine list we really want to stand up and cheer, and that’s what we did when we found the Boar Dough Tasting Room in Agoura Hills, California. What makes it so special…well it’s a unique combination of wine bar and California gourmet restaurant. But what really clinched it was the VERY unique menu, a fantastic wine and beer list and the outstanding delicious food…from appetizers to desert.

The Boar Dough Tasting Room specializes in flat-breads, salads, and other dishes made with seasonal ingredients, plus cheese and Chef Mills’ charcuterie. It was recently opened by Charles and Joanne Bruchez. Charles, a very friendly Englishman, previously opened Upstairs 2, the wine bar at The Wine House in West LA. The Boar Dough wine list is pages long and includes equal numbers of California, European and international labels and there’s also an extensive list of craft beer and hard ciders as well as house made sodas.

Charles and Joanne Bruchez
Our son and his wife attended a wine class at the Boar Dough several months ago and we were excited about dinning there and our expectations were surpassed. We were immediately served rosemary flat bread for dipping as we perused the menu and made our selections. There are so many unique and delicious items on the menu it was hard to decide but one of the specials was just too tempting to resist: salmon served on a bed of avocado salsa. Beautiful to look at, it was even more delectable on the palate with the just the right blend of flavors so that none of them dominated. For dessert we tried the fried pizza dough blueberry tart with goat cheese. Incredible! We can’t wait to go back and try more of the tasty treats on the menu. Our son loves California Zinfandel, so when I saw the Broc Cellars Vine Starr Sonoma County Zinfandel on the wine list it was an easy decision. The owner, Charles was
Delicious blueberry dessert
delightful and made our evening very special with his good sense of humor, warmth and friendliness. The Boar Dough Tasting Room gets our “without reservations” recommendation for both wine and food.

Boar Dough Tasting Room, open Wednesday through Sunday evenings, is located at 5015 Cornell Road, Agoura Hills, California (Just off the 101 at the Reyes Adobe Road exit).