The Best Value Wines of 2014

Best Value Wine 2014
On January 1, 2015 celebrated it’s second anniversary. And, again this year we reviewed a little more than 200 wines that included just over 30 new grape varieties we had never tasted. Interestingly only 15% of the wines we reviewed this year were produced in the United States. This reflects our finding that many more European and non-domestic wines are a better value especially in the under the $20 price range. In addition we have continued to make an aggressive effort to improve our pairing of wines with food. We strongly believe in almost every case the wines that paired well with food were the most memorable…good food and the perfect wine create a memorable event. To find the wine pairings we thought were special just look at the entries listed under the keyword “Good Pairings“.

Following the three categories we use for the “Wines of the month” (Under $10, Under $20, and over $20) we have selected our choices for the Best Value Red, White, Rosé and Sparkling wines from those we tasted in 2014. In addition we picked our choice for “the” single best value wine of the year and our “biggest” disappointment wine. And, we added a new listing of the our twenty most successful pairings of wine and food.

So, here are the wines we thought have Outstanding Quality and the Best Value in 2014:

Under $10.

Under $20.

Over $20.

Our pick for best wine value of the year

Our biggest disappointment wine.

The best food and wine pairings we had in 2014

1. Our pick for best wine value of the year.
2. Runners up for the best wine value of the year.