The Best Value Wines of 2013

Best Value Wine 2013
On January 1, 2014 celebrated it’s first anniversary. During the year we reviewed over 200 wines that included just under 50 different grape varieties and interestingly exactly half were produced in the United States. This year we learned a great deal about purchasing wine, especially in the under the $15 price range and have made an aggressive effort to improve our pairing of wines with food. When reviewing all the wines over the course of the year, in almost every case the ones that were very well paired were the most memorable…good food and the perfect wine create a memorable event.

Following the three price breaks we use for the “Wines of the month” (Under $10, Under $20 and over $20) we have selected our choices for the Best Value Red, White and Rosé wines for 2013. When compiling this list we did omit a few outstanding wines because we consider them above the price range e.g., Joseph Phelps Insignia 2008. And lastly, we picked our choice for the Very Best and Worst Value wine of the year.

So, here are the wines we thought have Outstanding Quality and the Best Value in 2013:

Under $10.

Under $20.

Over $20.

The Best and Worst Value wine of 2013

The Best Value

The Worst Value