The Best Value Wines of 2015

One of the ten Best Value wines reviewed in 2015
Yesterday celebrated it’s third anniversary and this past year we reviewed almost 300 wines, about 100 more than last year. For us 2015 was unusual because we were home in North Carolina for less than 6-months. Our travels this year took us on a around the world cruise, to Europe and to California. One of the real benefits of all this travel was the opportunity taste LOTS of great wines we could never find in the United States. As a result the 2015 list of the best value wines reflects the many outstanding wines we purchased as we traveled around the world.

This year we are slightly changing the presentation format of the best value wines we’ve reviewed in 2015. We have selected our choices for the Best Value Red, White, Rosé, Sparkling and Desert wines and organized them in the three categories we use for the “Wines of the month” (Under $10, Under $20, and over $20). In addition, instead of selecting one “best” wine we selected our choice for the 10 we rate the highest. These 10 wines are the best-of-the-best we reviewed in 2015 and we think are truly noteworthy. And, lastly we finally found a local North Carolina wine we could recommend; although this may sound trivial it was a major milestone, so we began a new section titled North Carolina wine of the year.

Our pick for 10 highest quality and best value wines of the year.
The Best-of-the-Best wines for 2015

(in alphabetical order)

The wines that had Outstanding Quality and were the Best Value in 2015:
(in alphabetical order within categories)

Under $10.

Under $20.

Over $20.

Our pick for the Best North Carolina Wine:

1. 2015 Top 10 Wine.